2nd DUI California Penalties

2nd Dui California Penalties

Getting yourself a 2nd DUI in the state of California can ultimately cause complete disruption to your everyday life, resulting in financial woes and strain on any relationships you have. Getting a 2nd DUI in California has a different set of consequences for any individual who receives one, including mandatory jail time. There are many different 2nd DUI California penalties to consider the next time you get behind a wheel after a night of drinking.

Mandatory Jail Time

If you are convicted of a DUI in the state of California for the second time, 10 days to 1 year in jail is mandatory, regardless of your past crimes or record, even if it is entirely clean. Mandatory jail time is one of the most intimidating 2nd DUI California penalties for any individual who has been drinking and driving.

18-Month Program

There is an 18-month program for individuals who use and abuse drugs or alcohol and have received a 2nd DUI that is required by the state of California. Being in an 18-month program is a way for you to regain control over your life again to begin living without the potential of putting others in harm’s way, especially when out on the road driving.


Most individuals who have been convicted of a 2nd DUI are required to stay on probation. Being on probation may require you to routinely get tested for drug and alcohol use depending on your priors and the judge’s ruling in your case.


Fines for getting a 2nd DUI in California range from $1800 to more than $2800 depending on the circumstances surrounding your case as well as your past record. The fines you are required to pay are in addition to any other court fees that may arise during the process. You must also pay for your own legal support if you are thinking of hiring an attorney. Some of the 2nd DUI California penalties are put in place to make individuals think twice before getting behind the wheel when they are not sober.

Losing Your Driver’s License

Losing your driver’s license occurs regardless of any other crimes or run-ins with the law you have had in your past. Any resident of California who has been convicted of a 2nd DUI will have their license revoked for 2 years. However, in some cases it is possible to reduce the overall time without a driver’s license to 1 year depending on your driving record and history in terms of the law.

Getting Legal Assistance

When you have been charged with a DUI and it is your 2nd time, seeking out legal counsel and assistance is highly recommended. Working together with an attorney who specializes in DUI cases in the state of California is a way for you to build a case that can help to protect you and reduce the consequences as much as possible once you are in court.