California Bench Warrants

The fear of being arrested for an outstanding bench warrant is overwhelming and frightening. Dodging and evading a bench warrant can be stressful and nerve wrecking. You are not alone. With the help of a Los Angeles criminal lawyer at your side, you can be confident that you have the aggressive representation needed to clear and recall your bench warrant.

Bench Warrants

A bench warrant gives police officers the right to immediately arrest you and take you to court. Bench warrants are typically issued to those who fail to comply with a court order or proceeding. For instance, if you fail to appear in court on your appointed date you will be in contempt of court. A bench warrant is then issued on your behalf, giving law enforcement agents the opportunity to bring you before the judge.

Although certain judges are more likely to issue bench warrants than others, the penalties for being in contempt of court are severe. Being in contempt of court is considered the willful disregard for the court order. Some common examples of being in contempt of court could be if you violated your probation, if you failed to attend a DUI or drug treatment program ordered by the court, or if you failed to pay court-ordered fines.

Bail Bondsman v. Attorney

Despite what some may think, if you have a bench warrant against you, it is not in your best interest to put your future in the hands of a bail bondsman. When you hire a bail bondsman to deal with your bench warrant, he or she can only postpone your court date. On the other hand, a Los Angeles criminal lawyer, who is armed with knowledge and experience in building a successful defense, can actually remedy the situation and make the bench warrant go away.

Need to Hire a Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer 

Given the complexity of criminal defense in general and bench warrants in particular, it is imperative that you hire a Los Angeles criminal lawyer who combines experience with a good track record and a familiarity with the law to protect your legal rights.

Your Los Angeles criminal lawyer will appear in court on your behalf to request the judge to recall and quash your bench warrant. If we are unable to have the warrant quashed, we can often get reduced bail to save money on a future bond.  In a scenario where an arrest can not be avoided, a scheduled book and release on terms arranged by one of our lawyers is always preferred to being arrested in front of your family or coworkers at any given time of day or night.  In short, having a Los Angeles criminal lawyer by your side eliminates the risk of being arrested.

At the Law Offices of Mark A. Gallagher, we understand that court proceedings can be intimidating and confusing. We also understand that there are many reasons and misunderstandings that have lead to your bench warrant. If a bench warrant has been issued against you, it is important to have a top Los Angeles criminal lawyer on your side to make sure you achieve the best outcome possible given your specific circumstances. Penalties associated with a bench warrant can be severe, so do not take you future in your hands by attempting to go to court without the representation of a Los Angeles criminal lawyer.

We Can Help

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