Criminal Defense

If you are like most people facing criminal charges, you are frightened and confused by the process that lies ahead of you. It is normal to be concerned about your freedom, reputation, and the harsh consequences and penalties that may follow. But with a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer at your side, you will feel less stressed and more confident that your legal rights will be protected.

When seeking an aggressive and competent Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer, it is imperative that the lawyer you ultimately hire is highly qualified and experience in the criminal defense cases and the criminal court system. Each case is unique and the circumstances and evidence surrounding the alleged crime need to be reviewed in great detail by your Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer in order to prepare a successful defense for the criminal charges you are facing.

The criminal process in California is difficult to understand because it is complex and broad. Although every case follows the same general rules, there are countless formats based upon legal issues similar to your situation. It is difficult to recognize these formats to represent your interests in the rights manner. Your Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer has the requisite knowledge of the California Penal Code system as it relates to the crime you have been accused of, enabling him to prepare an aggressive defense.

Criminal Defense Practice Areas

Our office has successfully handled a vast array of criminal cases involving:

  • Assault and battery
  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Domestic violence
  • Drug charges
  • Gang charges
  • Sex charges
  • Theft crimes
  • Probation violations

Hire an Experienced Criminal Defense Law Firm

If you or a loved one is being investigated or charged with a criminal offense, you need to seek the advice of a top Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer immediately. The Law Offices of Mark A. Gallagher has successfully represented numerous clients charged with criminal offenses throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Our Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers are armed with the knowledge and experience to build a successful defense for the criminal charges you are accused of. In addition to personally handling your case from arraignment through trial, we will be available to you during every step of the criminal process. For a complimentary consultation with a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer, please contact the Law offices of Mark A. Gallagher at (800) 797-8406.