Criminal Lawyer Los Angeles

Criminal Lawyer Los Angeles

A charge of criminal conduct sometimes has little to do with an act, or failure to act. Some cases involve circumstances such as the place one works or persons with whom one associates. A criminal charge can arise from duties that we do not know. We may have legal obligations to be aware of things we do not know. Criminal charges involve a risk of freedom, fines, and a criminal record that may follow one for the rest of one’s life.

One Must Fight for Rights
Like any human activity, mistakes happen in law enforcement. There are also occasions when official information claims or suggests things that are not true. Identity errors can form the basis of criminal charges. Some criminal charges can depend on the judgment of a police officer, an interpretation of an event. One can dispute an official interpretation, however, to do so one must make a legal defense. In the State of California, the government has the burden to prove a violation of law; a criminal lawyer in Los Angeles can explain one’s rights and advise a client on the best course to take.

Driving on a Sunny Day
In California, one can encounter the misfortune of a traffic related stop and arrest. Perhaps some past violations have been ignored, or one has had more to drink than one realized, a traffic stop can be a life-changing moment. For traffic violations, DUI, or charges under the California Penal code such as resisting arrest, one needs the advice and assistance of an expert criminal lawyer in Los Angeles. California has strict criminal penalties for driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated, among the toughest impaired driving laws in the Nation.

Do Not Delay
One may need the expert advice of an experienced criminal lawyer in Los Angeles; a criminal charge can have deep and involving consequences. In this event, it is vital to remember that time is a factor and delays can make things much worse. A lawyer should be involved in the case at the earliest possible time, when one has become a focus of a criminal investigation or as soon after an arrest as possible.

The advice and services of a criminal lawyer in Los Angeles can mean the difference between freedom and a criminal conviction. It matters little whether the charge is a driving offense, a crime of violence, or a white-collar crime, and a criminal conviction carries severe consequences. The protections of the freedoms enjoyed by individuals in California mean little if not asserted by a vigorous and demanding defense. If one, or someone for whom one cares, faces a criminal charge or investigation, freedom is at risk. The best defense is an able, competent, legal defender; one must call for help without delay.