Field Sobriety Test: Walk and Turn

I have written about some of the other field sobriety tests here and here. This post will cover the “walk and turn” field sobriety test (also known as the “walk the line” or “heel to toe” test). If you are battling DUI charges in LA Court, you may have had to perform this test. If you ever get stopped on suspicion of driving under the influence in LA, this is one of the many tests you may be expected to pass. The test is as follows:

1) Place your left foot on the line (the officer must demonstrate).

2) Place your right foot on the line ahead of the left foot, with your right heel against your left toe (the officer must demonstrate).

3) Place your arms down at your side.

4) Hold this position until the officer instructs you to begin.

5) The officer will ask you if you understand all of the instructions.

6) Take nine heel-to-toe steps, then turn around by pivoting your front foot and taking a series of small steps with your other foot (the officer will demonstrate).

7) While walking, keep your arms at your sides, keep your eyes on your feet at all times, and count each step as you take it.

The officer will look for the following behaviors as signs of intoxication:

  • You can’t listen to the instructions while standing still on the line;
  • You start before the instructions are finished;
  • You stop while walking to steady yourself;
  • You do not touch heel to toe;
  • You step off the line;
  • You use your arms to balance;
  • You turn improperly;
  • You take an incorrect number of steps.

I hope you don’t have a bum foot. I hope you don’t have vertigo. I hope you don’t have ADHD. Any of these conditions could cause the officer to believe you were intoxicated when you really weren’t.

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