Can Gc Services Suspend My License?

Quite a few people have fallen prey to a company named GC Services and some of their unethical treatment of bill collecting. Read on to learn how to protect yourself from this collection company and others.

Who are GC Services?

GC Services is a debt collection agency. They collect for many different companies, issues and violations, and are well known for collecting debt for most California traffic courts. The Los Angeles traffic Court especially uses them to collect on unpaid parking tickets.

Can GC Services suspend my license?

With all this, you may be wondering, can GC services suspend my license? Technically, no, they can’t. There is no corporation, company or person that can ever suspend a person’s driver’s license. Only a court or the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles can do that. However, if you have an unpaid traffic ticket, the traffic court clerk will notify the DMV and they WILL place a hold on your license. So, although they can’t do it directly, the end result is that GC services can get your license suspended!

What is the process?

What can happen are a few things that anyone dealing with GC Services should be aware of:

-First, the DMV sends the balance of the unpaid ticket to GC Services.
-In order to lift the hold the DMV has placed on the license (and to avoid further charges like suspension of your license), a court order is needed.
-The court order can lift the hold and reinstate the license, even if it has already been suspended.

Now, here’s the catch – GC Services is very sneaky in this case. They purposely mislead people into thinking that the only way they can lift the hold is by paying GC Services! In this case you should consult a lawyer to see if there are any other options for lifting the hold and avoiding a license suspension. There are ways, and you may be able to get all issues on your license cleared up without having to pay GC Services a dime.

So in short, if you, like many other people, wonder “can GC Services suspend my license?” be aware that the answer is a firm and resounding no. They do have a part in the matter since they’re trying to collect money from you, but they have no legal authority to touch your driver’s license. Don’t fall into their scam and pay GC Services anything without first speaking to an attorney or doing your research! This company will definitely try to collect their money, in any way possible, no matter how unethical.