How to View Your LA Red Light Camera Ticket Photo

If you received an LA County red light camera ticket, and are interested in fighting it, you can get a preliminary view of some of the evidence against you.

First, go to this website: There are two fields: one for your citation number, and one for your pin number. Both of those numbers can be found on the notice you received in the mail.

You will then have access to several photos of your vehicle, the photo of the driver, and some details about how long the light was yellow, as well as how long the light was red before your vehicle crossed over the limit line.

You may still have some trouble interpreting those numbers, or trouble deciding whether or not you have a good case. You may need an experienced LA traffic ticket attorney to help you out.

Please call us at 800-797-8406 for a free consultation about your LA red light camera ticket, and we’ll be able to help guide you through this process.